The Japanese Products for Trading Establishment (JPTE) is a professionally managed company based in Abu dhabi, U.A.E and it was founded in the year 2012. The company has diversified into products and services keeping up with the business development in the UAE region. With growing opportunities emerging as a result of the rapidly changing scenario, JPTE has moved ahead confidently with a fervent emphasis on Quality, Reliability and Cost Effectiveness. Thanks to the relentless patronage of its prestigious clientele, JPTE has started to offer its services all over the United Arab Emirates and the GCC countries. JPTE is forming business partnership with world class brands in different fields.

Partnering for success is a core strategy of our business, and one of the reasons why we maintain loyal customers and associates. The company offers a variety of high quality products of Japanese origin and brands, keeping up with growing requirements of the modern health conscious consumer. JPTE’s signature brand “SHIZEN” offers a range of Health and Beauty products including the number one beauty drink in Japan the “Collagen Drink”, the skin care Anti-Wrinkle beauty cream “Q10 Collagen Cream” and the Anti-bacterial “Green Tea beauty Soap”. JPTE has exclusively partnered with LOTTE; Japan and Asia’s number one confectionery manufacturer “LOTTE”, offer a variety of LOTTE XYLITOL gums.

JPTE established a distribution network targeting the desired consumers in the UAE. Our network is based on solid contacts with decision makers in the segmented outlets provides a strong entry point to the UAE market. Needless to say, that complementary logistics and marketing plans have been deployed to serve the purpose. This will enable to start our sales operation in a very short period of time while maintaining the qualitative distribution and sales.

These operational tools have been deployed after conducting competitive analysis with consideration to other factors including customer behaviour and brand perceptions. One of our major clients is a state-owned company that possess the biggest convenience store chains in the UAE; they belong to the state oil company which is considered to the world’s fourth largest oil company. They operate a fast-expanding network over 230 filling stations in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western Area and Northern Emirates. These include recently introduced new image “Millennium” service stations, which is addition to gas refuelling, car washing include an Oasis Service Centre comprising a convenience shop, food court and rest area. JPTE has undergone successful discussions with a major logistics organization in order to fulfill any future capability requirements.